Order Fulfillment Intern

The Order Fulfillment Intern will support the fulfillment team in fulfilling orders, including order entry, administration processes order and oversees related activities of third-party vendors to ensure orders flow effectively through systems and processes in accordance with the organization's customer service standards. This person will also need to connect with new suppliers and build a strong relationship with them.

Job summary

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

●  Support fulfilling ecommerce orders in an efficient and accurate manner
●  Support conducting routine audits of our suppliers’ inventory levels to maintain highest levels of accuracy
●  Maintain an excellent working relationship with our fulfillment team and customer service team and work to support them so that they may deliver excellent experiences for our customers
●  Proactively finding and building good relationships with suppliers
● Support the process of checking all shipments for accuracy and verifying all quantities received match purchase orders and other documents
●  Support the process of reporting profit and loss statements to the management team.

Skills and Qualifications

●   Intermediate Excel skills and aptitude in MS Office
●   Knowledge of the fulfillment and know how to troubleshoot common inaccuracies
●   Good mathematical ability
●   Complete tasks and assignments in a timely manner
●   Good communication and negotiation skills
●   Ability to handle disputes.

Come Join PATI GROUP, you will have a chance to enjoy

●   Opportunity to work in a fast-growing E-commerce business.
●   A Dynamic, Professional and Friendly Working Environment with the purpose of connecting people.
●   Allowance: 2 millions VND/month
●   Joining various team bonding activities.

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