Operations Intern

We are looking for Operations Intern to assist us in managing the Digital Marketing resources used for our Facebook Ads campaigns. This person will work closely with most of the constantly updated tools, applications and systems in the E-commerce industry. If you are someone who is really interested in tools and applications and wants the opportunity to work in one of the most promising industries - 
E-commerce, this is the job for you.

Job summary

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

● Responsible for managing the material operating system to support advertising campaigns on media platforms.
●   Assist in the development of a standardized process to maintain the source of raw materials.
●  Constantly researching new tools and techniques to provide solutions for building regulations optimization program.
●  Evaluate the process of managing Digital Marketing resources used for campaigns our Facebook ads and suggest ways to improve.
●   Perform other tasks as assigned by management.

Skills and Qualifications

●    No experience required, training from scratch.
●    Be a system thinker, proactive in in-depth research, capable of multitasking and reliable.
●    Have strong computer skills is a plus but not required.
●    Knowledge of Photoshop is a plus but not required.
●    Have basic English skills.

Come Join PATI GROUP, you will have a chance to enjoy

●    Opportunity to work in a fast-growing
E-commerce business.
●    A Dynamic, Professional and Friendly Working Environment with the purpose of connecting people.
●    Allowance: 2 million VND/months
●    Joining various team bonding activities.

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