Employee Engagement Intern

We are looking for a dynamic, organized self-starter to join our Human Resources department as an Employee Engagement Intern. Through various measures, initiatives, and approaches, the Employee Engagement Intern encourages all members to put their best foot forward, day in and day out and also helps to ensure that each and every team member is fully committed to the company’s mission, goals, and values and that they remain encouraged and inspired to contribute the overall success of the business and also to enhance the well-being of each and every team member.

Job summary

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

●   Assist in event planning and coordinating activities, such as creating ideas, planning, ...
●   Execute other internal event activities
●   Organize memorable activities for employees and creating a lot of fun at work
●   Take care of company's social media for Employer Branding purpose. 
●   Provide administrative office support.

Skills and Qualifications

●   Having experience in an event company or event club is a plus
●   All degrees will be preferred.
●   Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications.
●   The ability to work as part of a team.
●   Strong communication skills and problem-solving skills.
●   Excellent administrative and organizational skills.
●   Be a humorous and detail-oriented person.

Come Join PATI GROUP, you will have a chance to enjoy

●    Opportunity to work in a fast-growing E-commerce business.
●   A Dynamic, Professional and Friendly Working Environment with the purpose of connecting people.
●    Allowance: 2 millions VND/month
●    Joining various team bonding activities.

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